The mission of the Arlington Ultimate Club is Growing Excellence in Ultimate.


AUC was founded in 2014 by DJ, Simon, Steve, Sarah and Anne. The Club has grown in leadership to include new Coaches, Captains and interested Parents, as more Teams and functions have been built up. The Club Founders meet semi-annually to review mission progress and plan upcoming Ultimate activities.

Known throughout the Ultimate community as ‘DJ’, Dave Juitt started playing Ultimate at Northeastern 38 years ago. Aside from coaching PUMAHS from 2015-2020, he plays locally, both pickup & Grandmasters Club, and recently played at the inaugural (2018) Great-Grandmasters World Championships in Sarasota, FL, where his team took 1st place (in Spirit).

Dave is a Founding Member of the Arlington Ultimate Club and is looking forward to his 7th year working with youth Ultimate players in Arlington, MA.

Arlington is home to many legendary Ultimate players and the Club is fortunate to be able to draw on substantial talent, both young phenoms and well-traveled veterans.

Get Involved!

If you have an interest in getting involved with AUC, reach out to leadership at arlingtonultimateclub@gmail.com.

Growing the Sport, Building Characters

This is the mission in Arlington, and it follows in the footsteps of a blossoming legacy of the Sport. We acknowledge here the organizations which make what we do possible, follow the links below to learn more about them.

USA Ultimate (USAU): https://www.usaultimate.org/

New England Ultimate (NEU): https://neultimate.org/

Boston Ultimate Disc Alliance: (BUDA) https://www.buda.org/

Discraft: https://www.discraft.com/