Youth Teams

AUC is immensely proud of the litter of Teams that the Arlington community has been able to support. Clearly, we love Cats, and you can learn more about the Youth Teams using the descriptions and links below. These Teams are what AUC is all about!


The Ocelots, while representing the youngest group of players, are the oldest continuous team in Arlington. Gibbs (6th grade) and Ottoson Middle Schools (7th/8th grade) students comprise the team, and the Ocelots compete in the Spring season. The Ocelots were founded by Coach Steve and Coach Anne, and are currently led by Coaches Amy and Joy.


The PUMAHS (HS Open) were born as a group of mostly Arlington High School freshmen in the Spring of 2015, and the Team has grown steadily in capability, progressing from Div III to Division II in 2017. At the Div II Championships in 2018 the PUMAHS ran away with the Spirit Award and 3rd place, and in 2019 finished 3rd again. The target for Spring 2020 is to field teams at both Div I and Div II State Championships. The High School Open team competes during the Spring season and is led by Coaches DJ, Simon and John.


The MAU (HS Girls) were founded during the spring 2018 season by Clara Stewart ’18. MAU compete in the Spring season and are led by Coach Brent.


The PAU (HS Mixed) were founded in Spring 2018 from PUMAHS, MAU, and Ocelots athletes. PAU has more fun than any other Ultimate team in history, and competes in both Spring and Fall seasons. The PAU is herded by Coach Simon and coached by a committee of AUC big cats.


Arlington is also host to a Grandmasters Mixed team, Just Fall Down, as well as many pickup games. JFD competes in the BUDA league in Spring and Fall. Drop us an email at to learn more!